The Story of Us

Spiralife was founded as a response to our deep concern about Indonesia’s lagging in producing and utilizing microalgal products, despite the country’s vast potentials. Indeed, Indonesia has all the environmental factors to naturally cultivate various microalgae species. Thanks to the geographical location right under the equator, the sun shines all year brightly to provide the energy required for photosynthesis. Indonesia has also plentiful clean water resources and passionate young workforces.

What We Do

Spiralife operates two categories of business. First, we cultivate various microalgae species and extract their valuable substance for different applications. They are Spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus pluvialis, Dunaliella salina, Chaetoceros, and Phaeodactylum tricornutum. These multiple species produce active compounds that are valuable material for several industries. Depending on the type of product, our consumers vary; food and beverages, nutritional & dietary supplements, biopharmaceutical, plant fertilizer, and animal feed.

Our second business is to apply microalgae as wastewater treatment for palm oil production companies. We have substantial knowledge and experience in this process. Our competencies include the cultivation of microalgae at the palm oil wastewater medium and the construction of the wastewater treatment facilities. Our team has been successfully produced Spirulina to treat palm oil wastewater for several Indonesian agricultural company since 2011.

We offer palm oil processing plants an organic, environmentally friendly, and economically beneficial wastewater treatment. The primary value delivery is the safer quality of industrial waste to be released into nature. The economic benefit came from the production of microalgae biomass during the treatment. The biomass products can be marketed as raw material for animal feed and agricultural industries or shared with the community as corporate social responsibility.

The Team

We are microbiological scientists, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who have a shared vision: to create a positive impact through advancing microalgal products’ utilization. We also hold the common belief that microalgal products are renewable, sustainable, and valuable natural resources of the future. We aim to welcome the future here sooner.