Potency of Microalgae as Source of Functional Food in Indonesia (overview)

Cases of malnutrition in Indonesia continues to increase. It is needed to
develop functional food source that is capable to be produced in rapid, feasible, sustainable,
and meets the nutritional demand for the country. Microalgae is a type of single-celled plants,
live in water by using photosynthesis to produce biomass. Microalgae such as Spirulina
platensis has a high protein content. It contains vitamins and pigments that is useful to the
body. The potential of microalgae production in Indonesia is high considering that Indonesia is
passed by the equator line and has a supporting environment. Trends in the future, it is
expected Indonesia could produce microalgae at high mass scale, at a cheap price and can be
applied in everyday life.

Keywords: Malnutrition in Indonesia; Microalga; Functional Food.

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