Beware of the Massive Wave of Covid-19, Strengthen the Body’s Immunity with Spirulina.


According to the journal, published aijr.org,Spirulina proved to be rich in nutrients, types of microalgae have hypolipidemic properties that can reduce the fat in the body, hypoglycemic that can lower blood sugar, as well as antihypertensive that is able to keep blood pressure

superfood One type of food also has a variety of Bioactive compounds such as phenols, phycobiliproteins, sulfate polysaccharides and other compounds that have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and provide stimulants to increase the body’s immunity.

This immune strength is very important in fighting Covid-19, because it is not enough just to maintain health protocols and carry out vaccinations, a weak immune condition will make it easy for us to be infected with the virus.

The fact is that Covid-19 is still a threat that we cannot underestimate, let’s learn that in India’s current condition, a massive wave of Covid-19 is hitting the country.

Launching from the BBC (25/4/2021) there were an increase of 349,691 positive cases of Covid-19 and 2,767 deaths in just 24 hours. 

Currently, the number of infected cases in India has reached 17 million and the death toll has reached 192,000 deaths, the lockdown decision was re-enforced to prevent the number of cases from doubling.

This condition also makes many hospitals exceed their capacity and forced to refuse Covid-19 patients, oxygen cylinders that are needed by Covid patients are also scarce, India’s condition is currently in a very bad condition of the Covid-19 crisis.

Of course we pray that this crisis condition does not happen in Indonesia. Although currently Indonesia has begun to make peace with Covid-19 and there have been no significant additional cases, it is not impossible if we ignore health protocols and do not maintain immunity, the conditions that occur in India can occur in Indonesia.

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