Why Spiralife

Cultivated in Indonesia

Our production facilities are located in Indonesia, a tropical country crossed by the equator. Everything required to produce microalgae naturally is available here; abundant sunlight, plentiful clean water, and passionate young workforce. These factor conditions enable us to produce high-quality microalgal products  in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way.

Scientifically driven

We continuously invest in developing our most valuable resource: the talents which drive the technology. Our research and development have been evolving since 2010, including four years of intense collaboration with numerous researchers in Europe. We are also actively involved in the international-scaled microalgal research network. Apart from being active in scientific forums, our team also frequently publish research reports in reputable scientific journals. This scientific involvement has kept Spiralife at the forefront of understanding the bits of knowledge of microalgae production.

Lana Azim pegang tabung

Quality assured

We recurrently monitor the production phases and ensures safety and compliance with hygiene requirements. We operate according to the Halal and Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) principles.


Technology for pure products

We utilize the closed cultivation system to assure our cultivation process:

  • Have better control; therefore, we always provide a more stable product composition.
  • More sterile; which ensures the product more restricted from bacteria, heavy metals, dioxin, and other confounding agents

Socially oriented

We believe that the progress of the company should bring benefits to the broader community. Apart from carrying out the principles of environmentally friendly production, we deeply care about the wellbeing of the people around us. We want to share the broadest possible benefits with those who are sometimes overlooked through various community empowerment programs. For example, we regularly assist and donate our products to small-scale farmers and ranchers in rural areas.


Simply Flexible

We can be flexible in developing bulk extracts or co-developing new functional ingredients that meet your specific product needs. Make us understand your particular requirement so we can collaborate to find the fittest microalgal compound for you.  Moreover, although our standard minimum order quantity is 500 grams, we can also be flexible to serve the product quantity according to your needs. So, whether you are a large company or are still in the early stage of doing business, we can talk about your microalgal material needs.