We cultivate various microalga species and extract their valuable substance for different applications: food and beverages, nutraceuticals & dietary supplements, personal care, plant fertilizer, and animal feed.
What are microalgae?
Microalgae grow in a range of aquatic habitats...
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“Many scientific reports convey that microalgal products are renewable, sustainable, and valuable natural resources of the future. Let’s collaborate to welcome the future sooner.”

Amak Yaqoub, CEO

Why Spiralife?



Our 100% natural phycocyanin is perfect for replacing petroleum- and animal-derived blue colorants in food, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical products.


This red-pink carotenoid pigment is considered the most potent natural antioxidant (6000 times stronger than Vitamin C).


By utilizing natural fucoxanthin, your food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products directly contribute to combating artificial raw materials' harmful effects on human health.


Advantageous for various uses, e.g. cosmetics, natural food-coloring agents, nutritional supplements, & animal feed.


Contain high protein and other essential nutrients. Consumed as a health supplement.


Traditionally extracted from yellow-orange fruits. However, microalgae gained attention as the potential alternative source due to their high lutein content and biomass productivity.

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Let’s Get to Know Spirulina, the Food of the Future.

More and more research suggests that the future of foods is plant-based. One of the most efficient sources of complete plant-based protein is spirulina. Spirulina is the commercial name of two cyanobacteria species; Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima. The name spirulina has been assigned to both species with a valid...

What people say about us
As a tropical country with 70 percent of its region covered by water, Indonesia has a high natural microalgal diversity. However, the potential of using locally adapted microalgae for the production of high value compounds such as pigments, has not been fully utilized. I therefore encourage the establishment of Spiralife and hope this company will fill the scientific and economic gaps needed to make Indonesia a major player in the sustainable production of high value compounds based on microalgal cultivation.
Prof. dr. A.G.J. (Anita) Buma
Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen
Our Contribution in numbers

We are microbiological scientists, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who have a shared vision: to create a positive impact through advancing microalgal products’ utilization. 

77 +
O2 released (kg)
104 +
Algal biomass produced (kg)
134 +
CO2 absorbed (kg)
Small-scaled farmers assisted
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